Castle, X-large

The exceptional Extra Large Tall Castle dazzles children with its medieval look and its impressive range of varied play spaces and activities. The numerous high-paced, multi-level play activities and the quieter ground level spaces greets all abilities and the whole family in play. The three sections excel in offering thrill and meeting spots on all levels. Swaying hammocks, challenging climbs and fast egresses train children’s agility, balance and coordination already in the first few floors of play. But the action-packed higher levels with wild tube slides attract children to climb on, via challenging internal net climbs. See-through cage climbers, slides and bridges add thrill on the way up. The children learn to cooperate, turn-take and conquer initial fears. The reward is abilities and a wild slide ride back to the fun climbing journey starts on ground level.

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Numer produktu: NRO432

Typ produktu: Zamki Robinia

Grupa produktów: Naturalna Zabawa

6 - 12


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Organiczną Robinie od KOMPAN

Organiczne Place Zabaw KOMPAN Robinia oferują pełną gamę zestawów do zabawy, domków, huśtawek, sprężynowców i wielu więcej. 

Produkcję od KOMPAN

Każdego dnia 30 nowych placów zabaw i stref fitness KOMPAN powstaje na całym świecie.



Mamy prawie 50 lat doświadczenia i będziemy Ciebie wspierać przez cały czas trwania projektu.

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